An All Inclusive Surgical Scheduling System


CoreMax Surgical is a scheduling software system, designed to increase the efficiency in day to day operations by bringing surgical practice productivity to a desired level. It is primarily intended to be used by surgeons and mid-level providers in United States.
CoreMax Surgical is developed thoroughly to streamline practice flow to satisfy the work performance.


Our innovation is "All-In-One" but simple to use through CoreMax Mobile Application, especially dedicated to promotE the efficiency of your surgical practice operations. 
CoreMax system stands out from other ordinary EHR & EMR applications through it's unique features of navigation pathways.


Organize your medical records, surgical scheduling, and administrative tasks to simply experience a modern innovation in a practice management software.
Reach your practice revenue goals faster than usual by enhancing work flow with CoreMax Surgical.

Every Coremax features can be Accessed through either
a computer or through our mobile application!


An all-in-one scheduling system for any surgical practice.
Keep your events organized with our expansive capabilities in a surgical scheduling software.
In other words, various coworkers in the same practice can see schedules to ensure everyone is informed and on the same page

Automatic Form Generation

Say goodbye to manual data entry with CoreMax’s automatic form generation feature.
Customizable documents, forms, and patient information can now be automatically generated with precise accuracy through our software.
In addition, generated forms are easily accessible by staff members or patients when necessary because of our automated reporting tools.
Anything from patient letters to insurance forms, CoreMax can do it all!


Make the process easier to surgeons, staff, and patients with CoreMax’s system for automatically generating and distributing forms Offer important information for surgeons and their office to input and see while on the go through our mobile app.
Provide correspondence and planning for your entire team to see.
In other words, streamline nearly every aspect of a surgical scheduling and management system.


Analyze historical data of your performance analytics to adjust and increase productivity in the future. Our automatically generated performance reports will allow surgeons to see volume of surgeries over time which allows them to make proper adjustments to operations to keep revenue consistent.
Most importantly, easily retain consistency in your practice through easily identifying major changes in performance.


In any medical practice, access to information is crucial. CoreMax has made it easy with our mobile application. You can now access surgical scheduling, patient information, or automatically generated performance analysis documents and forms your practice needs from anywhere, at any time.This EHR software and surgical scheduling app will revolutionize the industry and drastically promote productivity by saving various surgeon’s, assistant’s, and institution’s time.
Through incorporating a simple user interface, easy to understand flow within the app, its functionality and uses are top of the line in terms of quality, relevance, and practicality. Surgical scheduling and documenting medical records for health care professionals has never been so easy!

Accessibility to information is a crucial part of any business, allow our electronic health records system to help. Analysis, form submission, and scheduling on the go, from any location, is more possible now than ever before.

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There will be a slight adjustment to our platform and interface. However, we have online demonstration videos to aid surgeon’s in learning. Feel free to reach out to us for some additional explanation if you feel it necessary.

CoreMax is web-based. Therefore, you may access our secure cloud system through your browser or our mobile app so that no important patient information is lost or not accessible.

Yes! Our system is completely HIPPA compliant.

Absolutely! CoreMax has the capability to automatically produce and dispatch patient letters, insurance forms, and other documents.

CoreMax offers various surgical planning capabilities. For Example, most EHR providers only store patient health records. Meanwhile CoreMax has surgical scheduling incorporated as well to provide an all-in-one platform.



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