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CoreMax Surgical offers various surgical planning capabilities.

For Example, most EHR providers only store patient health records. Meanwhile CoreMax Surgical has RCM, and event scheduling incorporated to provide an all-in-one access.

A Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software offers increased workplace efficiency.

With streamlined billing workflows, your practice can improve revenue capture, reduce claim denials, improve compliance, and provide better patient communication.

As with any new program, there will be a slight adjustment to our platform and interface.

However, we have online demonstration videos to aid surgeons in learning. Feel free to reach out to us for some additional explanation if you feel it necessary.

Created using the latest technology and security to achieve unprecedented resiliency and reliability. 

The security standards and certifications are key to ensuring Personal Health Information (PHI) is  protected from malicious threats.

CoreMax Surgical is web-based.

Therefore, you may access our secure cloud system through your browser or the mobile app so that no important patient information is lost or not accessible.

CoreMax Surgical has the capability to pull data from patient details and automatically produce and dispatch patient letters, insurance forms, and other documents.

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